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Reference to ‘the Company’ shall be a reference to Osmio Solutions Ltd, a private company limited by shares and incorporated under the laws of England and Wales under registered company number 06988582 whose registered address is 28 ABBEY CRESCENT, BELVEDERE, KENT, ENGLAND, DA175AY, and shall include any subsidiaries of the Company;

Reference to ‘Product’ shall be a reference to any product sold or supplied by the Company, including any product developed by the Company or purchased by the Company from another source, to a third party, be that third party an individual, company or other body.

Reference to “Consumer” shall be a reference to the individual, company or other body that purchases the Product from the Company and does not extend to third parties whom may become the ultimate user of the Product.

1. The provisions of this disclaimer shall be for the sole benefit of the Company.
2. All Products are sold or supplied for use on water supplies only, and should not be used for any other purpose.
3. The Consumer of any Product is continually responsible for the thorough verification of the potential risks associated with and suitability for the use of the Product.
4. The Company provides no warranty, and it shall not be implied, whether through any Product description or otherwise, that any Product conforms to, or is suitable for any specific purpose, unless written confirmation of such a warranty as to suitability of a Product for purpose addresses a specific product and purchaser.
5. The Company may recommend to a Consumer, a specific Product. These recommendations are based solely upon the information received by the Company by or on behalf of the Consumer. Therefore any recommendations by the Company to a Consumer in relation to any Product shall be provided only as an opinion, and shall not be construed as an express or implied warranty as to any recommendation given, unless written confirmation of a warranty to that effect is provided by the Company to the Consumer, and the Consumer is referred to clause 3 above.
6. The Company takes no responsibility for evaluating the safety or risk levels of any Product, nor has any Product been evaluated for its safety by the Foods Standards Agency, any government department, or any other agency.
7. The Company bears no responsibility for Consumer’s failure to comply with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999
8. This disclaimer is given under and subject to English law and the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Certain Rules Apply to the Installation of Reverse Osmosis Systems

Subject to the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations any person who proposes to install a Reverse Osmosis water fitting:
a) shall give notice to the water undertaker (your water supplier) that he/she proposes to begin work;
b) shall not begin that work (except at his own risk) without the consent of the water undertaker which shall not
be withheld unreasonably; and
c) shall comply with any conditions to which the undertaker’s consent is subject.

The notice required shall include or be accompanied by:-
a) the name and address of the person giving the notice, and (if different) the name and address of the person
on whom notice may be served;

b) a description of the proposed work or material change of use; and

c) particulars of the location of the premises to which the proposal relates, and the use or intended use of the

i) a plan of those parts of the premises to which the proposal relates, and
ii) a diagram showing the pipework and fitting to installed;
d) where the work is to be carried out by an approved contractor, the name of the contractor.
The water undertaker may withhold consent required, or grant it subject to conditions, by a notice given before the expiry of a period of ten working days commencing with the day on which notice under theparagraph was given 
If no notice is given by the water undertaker within the period mentioned, the consent required under paragraph 1 shall be deemed to have been granted unconditionally. (This does not alter the obligation upon theinstaller, owner or occupier to see that the Regulations are fully met.)

The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 do require notification to be sent to the water company should anyone propose to install a Reverse Osmosis System, the reason for this is to allow the water undertaker to confirm the requirements of the regulations.

We can confirm Section 10, Schedule 2 Paragraph 26 & 27 are as shown below, which can also be viewed on the Defra web site via this link

SECTION 10 Schedule 2: Paragraphs 26, 27 and 28: Baths, sinks, showers and taps 

26, All premises supplied with water for domestic purposes shall have at least one tap conveniently situated for the drawing of drinking water. 

27, A drinking water tap shall be supplied with water from 
(a) a supply pipe; 
(b) pump delivery pipe drawing water from a supply pipe; or 
(c) distributing pipe drawing water exclusively from a storage cistern 
supplying wholesome water. 
The regulations do require at least one drinking water tap and this is normally derived from the mains.

We must highlight is the requirements under Regulation 4 which state as shown below, these can also be viewed via the link above.

“Requirements for water fittings etc.
4. - (1) Every water fitting shall-

(a) be of an appropriate quality and standard; and
(b) be suitable for the circumstances in which it is used.

(2) For the purposes of this regulation, a water fitting is of an appropriate quality or standard only if-

(a) it bears an appropriate CE marking in accordance with the Directive;
(b) it conforms to an appropriate harmonized standard or European technical approval;
(c) it conforms to an appropriate British Standard or some other national specification of an EEA State which provides an equivalent level of protection and performance; or
(d) it conforms to a specification approved by the regulator.

(3) Every water fitting shall comply with the requirements of Schedule 2 to these Regulations as it applies to that fitting.

(4) Where any requirement of Schedule 2 relates to a water system, every water fitting which forms part of that system shall be fitted or, as the case may be, altered or replaced so as to comply with that requirement.

(5) Every water fitting shall be installed, connected, altered, repaired or disconnected in a workmanlike manner.

(6) For the purposes of this regulation, a water fitting is installed,connected, altered, repaired or disconnected in a workmanlike manner only if the work is carried out so as to conform-

(a) to an appropriate British Standard, a European technical approval or some other national specification of an EEA State which provides an equivalent level of protection and performance;
(b) to a specification approved by the regulator; or
(c) to a method of installation approved by the water undertaker.”