Hydrogen Water

Firstly, what is hydrogen?

Hydrogen waterHydrogen is the simplest and most abundant element found in the universe, as a bionomic form H2 in a number of different environments as a biomolecular molecule. It is found in very low levels naturally in water, soil and in higher levels under the sea and in natural oil sources. It is a colourless, odourless and tasteless non-toxic gas. It is a powerful antioxidant but not too powerful, as it is able to neutralise oxidative capacity in the cell. It is not too powerful because there are some natural oxidants in our cells which are important for gene regulation express, signalling in the cell, so it is important with antioxidants that they are not too powerful. Many of these oxidants however are dangerous which account for a number of different problems, particularly in chronic illnesses. It therefore becomes something which need to take control over. Hydrogen can be taken in the form of gas or water. By far the simplest way is through hydrogen enriched water.

What are the health benefits of hydrogen?

By far the most important benefit is that hydrogen is an antioxidant, so during problems with our health and during aging, we over produce oxidants in our systems and hydrogen is a great way to reduce the effects of those oxidants. It is also a very strong anti-inflammatory agent. Hydrogen is also absolutely safe and hydrogen itself has a very strong safety record over the last 100 years it has an impeccable safety record in several applications such as deep-sea diving. The safety record has been well documented in gas mixtures and there has never been a case of any side effect or damage because of hydrogen water.

Hydrogen can be useful in reducing inflammation and there are many diseases which cause inflammation, so hydrogen helps to do this. In inflammation, immune cells in the blood receive signals from the wound site and elicit a inflammatory signal to tissues and cells to indicate the repair process. This process can get out of hand, so hydrogen helps control inflammation in these cases. There are studies which have shown the hydrogen rich water reduced the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

How does hydrogen enriched water do this and how is it different to other antioxidants?

Hydrogen has a natural property which enables it to dissolve into and move across cell membranes, so it can get into any compartment of our body. Hydrogen is different to other antioxidants which cannot do this. A good example is the central nervous system, which has a barrier called the blood brain barrier to prevent molecules from getting into the brain, and hydrogen can do this which shows how effective it is as getting through the cell nucleus.

Some antioxidants are so strong that they can supress all oxidants within the cell and research show that is not good for cell signalling and gene regulation, so those processes should not be affected. Hydrogen does not affect these processes and instead targets the oxidation of the cell. Several studies are available for hydrogen rich water and its role in anti-aging, from exercise recovery and several other therapies. Hospitals offering hydrogen therapy have opened all over the developed world and now we have bottle and jug systems to make this water for us.

However, we have found some problems with products that have come into the market!

Due to the reaction of the private market to bring hydrogen water products to the market, during our own research we found several products on the market which do not have material extraction testing and some which generate chlorine and ozone by-products. Not all hydrogen bottles are safe, and this has not been disclosed by vendors. Many new companies selling hydrogen water bottles do not have experience with water quality and may not even know.

In the bottle of every hydrogen bottle is a generator. This splits the water into two parts hydrogen and one-part oxygen. Hydrogen and oxygen is generated using electricity through these plates. The positive plate generates the oxygen and the negative plate, the hydrogen. Oxygen is not what we want in our water. On the positive plate chlorine, ozone and some other products are generated. Using PEM technology, the plates are separated out of the water, so no oxygen, chlorine or ozone is generated.

So what did we do about it?

We have a fully tested and safe hydrogen enriched water product! The new Osmio Hydrogen Water Bottle  works by filling up with 500ml of water and pressing a button, after 5 minutes the water will be ready to drink. The water will have changed significantly. The process will have created a -300-400mv ORP antioxidant change and introduce around 650-950+ppb of hydrogen into the water with also positive pH level increases.

Numerous scientists have researched since the 1970s populations around the world who have very high average lifespans, such as the famous Hunza population in Northern Pakistan who have average lifespans of 120 years. These have also been found in places such as the Shin-Chan areas of China, the Caucasus in Azerbaijan, and in the Andes Mountains. What they have in common is a a high alkaline pH and an high level of of active hydrogen (hydrogen with an extra electron), with a negative redox potential and a high colloidal mineral content.

The Osmio Hydrogen Water Bottle 500ml is finally here! Since 2011 we have been working on delivering a hydrogen generating water product which pass all our material extraction testing and which does so without creating any byproducts, which have been found in inferior quality products. The bottle works by filling up with 500ml of water and pressing a button, after 5 minutes the water will be ready to drink. The water will have changed significantly. The process will have created a -300-400mv ORP antioxidant change and introduce around 650-1000+ppb (1ppm) of hydrogen into the water. 

The Osmio Hydrogen Water Bottle is a high quality and hi end manufactured health accessory. Our bottle meets all required material extraction testing US FDA CFR 21, Bisphenol A (BPA) Free, SGS Test Report Bisphenol A (BPA), US FDA CPG Sec. 545.500 - Leachable Lead. CE Certified.

Comes with 1 year warranty, conditions apply according to usage observations, see Hydrogen Water Bottle manual for details.

Osmio Hydrogen Water Bottle

Hydrogen Rich Water Studies

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